J.F. Krantz Nursery Inc.

Product will only be delivered on concrete or pavement. If the chosen location is not attainable because of unsafe dumping conditions, obstructions or clearance the driver will call the customer for a response on a separate location. If there is no confirmation, the order will be returned to the nursery and a second delivery fee will be charged. Additionally because the response of the product sold by J.F. Krantz is dependent on both climatic conditions and maintenance to ensure the quality there are no warranties, either expressed or implied that the product will be delivered at the desired time.  All orders subject to discrepancies must be made within 30 days of delivery.  No refund, exchange or credit will be given beyond 30 days of purchase. For product that is picked up: once you leave the yard any missed quantities cannot be verified and such claims will not be honored.

We thank you for your patronage, and look forward to providing you quality products for your next project!

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